Care Crisis

Futura Gallery, Praga, Czechy


“Care Crisis” is an art exhibition which focuses on the crisis created by women’s integration in the labour realm. When entering the working world, women from developed countries need to hire someone to take care of the households they have left behind (mostly children and elderly people). At the same time, these hired women who have emigrated from their home countries need to hire someone to take care of their own households. This brings in turn another set of consequences in the migrant woman’s country of origin.

This exhibition is the first one to deal with the topic of the care crisis, and is part of a major project that aims to be a research endeavour which involves diverse fields of knowledge, art being one of them. Art is presented as research, as well as production of knowledge. But, above all, it is a multidisciplinary project which oscillates between feminism, sociology, economics and globalization studies.


Care Crisis